Best of: LYLIF Accessories

I am starting to realize the power of accessories… I don’t have to have that many items of clothing to be able to have thousands of outfits! I was shopping on LYLIF the other day and found so many cute accessories!! I wanted to share with you a few of my favorites…

LYLIF Accessories

Hair Clip  ||  Necklace  ||  Hat  ||  Ring  ||  Clutch

Where is your favorite place to shop for accessories? Share below!


DIY Shellac

My sister-in-law bought a UV lamp and shellac polishes recently and we decided to try it out today! I love my nails! It was certainly an adventure trying to figure out how it all works, but in the end we were left with really nice polished nails that will last about two weeks!

Shellac Supplies

These are the supplies you will need. We got pure acetone to take off any nail polish we had on our nails before. Your nails have to be completely clean. Then we got the Nail DehydratorBase Coat, UV Color Coat, and Top Coat. We also got as high percentage of alcohol we could find to rub our nails with afterward to make them super shiny!

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Best of: Kate Spade Bows

I am having bow fever after my wedding (we decorated everything with bows!). Bows are a classic design that will go with almost anything. They are just so adorable! And where else would you look for the best bows, but Kate Spade! Here are some of the best bow accessories from Kate Spade’s online store…

Belt  ||  Earrings  ||  Ring  ||  Necklace  ||  Bracelet

Scarf Addict

I have always had a little bit of a thing for scarves. Once people found out, I began to get scarves as gifts on top of the ones that I was buying for myself, so my collection started getting a little out of control. Now I am up to about 30-something scarves! So, here it is – my giant collection of scarves…












I’m pretty sure some of them are missing… because I know I have over 30! I guess I need to start looking for the others…

What do you collect? Leave a comment below!