Wedding Photos!

Our wedding photos are in!!! I am SO thrilled with them! Allison Sinisi, our photographer (from Vivid Photography), did such a great job. I would recommend her to anyone. Here are some of Nathan and my favorites…

My dress. My Maid of Honor Morgan got me a hanger that said “Mrs. Tucci”

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Camera Necklace

I found this adorable camera necklace on Pinterest. I really can’t wait to get a real camera! I love photography! Check out my Photo Love section to look at some cool pictures I found.

Any other aspiring photographers out there? What is your inspiration? Leave a comment and let me know!

Photo Love: Balloons

This picture stood out to me because of the balloons. I love that the colors of the balloons are the only colors you can see because of the sunlight shining through them. I think it would be neat to take a picture like this. 

I recently stumbled upon a new blog that I love called A Beautiful Mess. There is a lot of photography on the blog, and I have always been interested in photography, so I am becoming obsessed with it again. I just have never had proper equipment to be a photographer. I don’t have a camera. Hopefully someday I will be able to afford a good one so I can start bombarding my blog with cool photos!