Getting Organized for 2013!

Hey there everyone! Since Nathan and I moved into the house, we have SLOWLY been trying to get organized. As I stated in my article “One Month of Marriage“, the hubskis and I have struggled to merge our schedules and keep everything in order. We finally got a calendar up on the fridge to keep track of what’s coming up through the month…


I also picked out my 2013 planner!! I absolutely LOVE new planners 🙂 They bring me so much joy…

2013 Planner

Finally we got all our clothes hung up and organized in our closet!


What steps are you taking to get organized for the new year? Share with us below!


Holiday Polish

My “Fall Polish” article has been one of my most popular yet, so I wanted to share with you all my top picks for this holiday season! As I said in my first article, nail polish is an accessory, and can simply pull a whole outfit together. These are some of my favorites for Christmas and New Year’s Eve as you get dressed up and beautified…

China Glaze Fast Track

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