Cups of Comfort

I have been experimenting with making different drinks this fall. “Cups of comfort” I have been calling them. I take different beverages (tea, coffee, hot chocolate) and add different creamers or flavors and sometimes come up with something worth offering to the hubskis (Nathan). Here are a couple of my best concoctions..


Orange Creamsicle Tea

This one is simple – Orange Herbal tea and enough French Vanilla creamer to make the tea look basically white! Tastes exactly like a warm orange creamsicle!


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Fall Polish

Nail polish is like an accessory. They change with the seasons, like anything else. As you will probably be able to tell, Essie is my favorite nail polish brand. Here are some of my favorite polish looks for this fall…

This is my favorite look using a tan and putting silver or gold sparkles on one nail.

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Fall Finds

Fall is my favorite season… It’s basically winter without the snow and bitterness. There’s something about snuggling up with my hubskis (husband) under our king-sized fuzzy blanket with candles and hot chocolate that make me never want to leave my house, ever. This fall, I am loving everything sugar cookie! Here are two of my favorite fall finds for this year to get you into the snuggle season spirit!

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