Dainty Floral

This dress is so adorable, with the little ruffle at the top and the dainty floral print. I’m ready for spring in this!

It’s the little things. I am wearing my favorite nail polish of all time, called Eternal Optimist by Essie.

I had to use my church’s bathroom to be able to get the whole dress in the picture 🙂

Rocking my classic updo…
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The Perfect Trench

The search for my perfect trench is over! Today must be my lucky day, because I am finding items that I have been seeking for what seems like forever! 

I have been looking for a fitted khaki colored trench coat that is not too long and not too short, and today I found one for $128 at Victoria’s Secret. I am extremely picky about details when it comes to clothes, and pretty much everything else now that I think about it, but this one is absolutely PERFECT!

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Top 5 Items for Summer

So, I know summer is not quite even close to being here, yet. But spring is! And the items you buy for spring, you want to be able to carry them into summer! I searched my Pinterest and came up with the top 5 items you need for your Spring/Summer closet…

1. A Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are extremely versatile and can be thrown on so quick when you are running out the door. I found this one for about $70 at Victoria’s Secret. You want to get one that is a basic color that can be worn with different colored jackets or cardigans and lots of accessories!

2. White Pants

White pants are super cute for summer and look really good with bright colored tops. This pair I found at Macy’s for only $39! I personally am drawn toward skinny or legging jeans for this style because they are more flattering on me, but any style will do.

3. Something off-the-shoulder

You’re gonna want to show off your newly tanned skin with an off-the-shoulder shirt or tee. This one is again from Victoria’s Secret (can you tell I like that store?) for about $30.

4. Bright Shorts

Bright shorts are a great trend for this summer. These ones from Express ($60) are adorable and come in a lot of colors. 

5. Romper

Rompers are super cute for this summer. They can be dressed up or down with playful accessories or blazers. This one is from Lulu’s for $74. I would go for one that is a solid color, so you can mix and match with colorful accessories.

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What to Wear: Ballet-Inspired

So, I got a request yesterday for a “ballet-inpired” What to Wear article, so I scoured my Pinterest boards and came up with my Top Six wardrobe pieces…

Of course, when you think ballet, you think pink. However, this is not always the case. Mix and match colors, but stick with neutrals or pastels. Chiffon is a definite go-to when you want your outfit to have a dancer vibe. And of course, you must have the hair to go along with it…

(This is a modern twist on the ballerina bun – just braid your ponytail and twist it up into a bun!)

And throw in some accessories, too while you’re at it!

(This is actually my ring I found at Charming Charlie!)

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