DIY Shellac

My sister-in-law bought a UV lamp and shellac polishes recently and we decided to try it out today! I love my nails! It was certainly an adventure trying to figure out how it all works, but in the end we were left with really nice polished nails that will last about two weeks!

Shellac Supplies

These are the supplies you will need. We got pure acetone to take off any nail polish we had on our nails before. Your nails have to be completely clean. Then we got the Nail DehydratorBase Coat, UV Color Coat, and Top Coat. We also got as high percentage of alcohol we could find to rub our nails with afterward to make them super shiny!

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Holiday Polish

My “Fall Polish” article has been one of my most popular yet, so I wanted to share with you all my top picks for this holiday season! As I said in my first article, nail polish is an accessory, and can simply pull a whole outfit together. These are some of my favorites for Christmas and New Year’s Eve as you get dressed up and beautified…

China Glaze Fast Track

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Front Braid

Hey there! I did a really easy, quick hairstyle today and thought I would share with you!

This is one of my go-to hairstyles because it is so simple to do. It’s a nice option for those of you with short hair, because we don’t have too many options. My front braid is done a little bit differently than most people. I’ll do a tutorial later. But one tip I have for you, especially for those of you with thin hair… Once you are done with the braid and have bobby pinned it in place, pull at the edge of the rounded part of each weave to make the braid appear thicker! One of my favorites for when I had long hair was the Upside Down Braid and I share my top 5 braided hairstyles here.

Cyber Monday Sales

It’s Cyber Monday everyone! I was just shopping around on my favorite sites, and thought I would share with you all some of the great sales I am finding…

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