One Month of Marriage

Nathan and I have officially made it through one month of marriage! I thought I would share a few thoughts about it so far…

First of all, no surprises yet. You always hear people say that “everything changes” when you get married. There are definitely a few things that have changed, but I don’t feel like there was a big life change like everyone warned me about. We spent basically every day together before we got married, and the only difference is now he does not leave for the night. We ate together, had a combined bank account, went all the same places (besides work events), attended church together.. I am still waiting for this monumental shift.

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Barnes & Noble Trip

I was hanging out at Barnes and Noble today and decided to post some of the books I found that look interesting… 
This is a book I have been wanting to read for a while. 
These books look really cool for organization/re-purposing.

I really like Lauren Conrad, but I had no idea she was an author now!

I also got the chance to skim through some magazines and found a few cool articles…
Very trendy for spring! Found in Cosmo. 
I found the following articles in the April issue of Glamour: 
I had no idea… 
This is just hilarious. 

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Valentine’s Date

Hey everyone! I wanted to share my date outfit with you (and a little bit of the date!) because the whole evening was great!

This is my incredible boyfriend Nathan! Isn’t he cute?

The details in this dress were really pretty and feminine! 
It’s from Ann Taylor Loft.

I created this hairstyle!

Earrings to go along…

Of course some pretty pink nail polish!

He got me two roses, one for each Valentine’s Day we’ve been together. Super sweet. He wrote in the card that he plans to someday give me 50 

Here I am at the end of the night, happy as a clam and so in love! God has blessed me so much! Happy Valentine’s Week everyone!

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