I Got Engaged!

Last week my wonderful boyfriend Nathan proposed to me on 
the Riverwalk in Pittsburgh.. I said yes, of course!

I absolutely LOVE my ring! Too bad I had to give it up less than 24 hours 
after it was given to me to get re-sized.
The wedding is this October, so I will probably be posting a lot of wedding-related stuff for a while, considering I don’t have a whole lot of time and would love to get some opinions!
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Upside Down Braid

This is a hairstyle that I used to do when I played volleyball, because we weren’t allowed to wear bobby pins. It kept the back of my hair up since it wasn’t long enough to reach into my high bun. My hair is finally long enough again to do it! And yes, I did do this myself!

Dainty Floral

This dress is so adorable, with the little ruffle at the top and the dainty floral print. I’m ready for spring in this!

It’s the little things. I am wearing my favorite nail polish of all time, called Eternal Optimist by Essie.

I had to use my church’s bathroom to be able to get the whole dress in the picture 🙂

Rocking my classic updo…
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Barnes & Noble Trip

I was hanging out at Barnes and Noble today and decided to post some of the books I found that look interesting… 
This is a book I have been wanting to read for a while. 
These books look really cool for organization/re-purposing.

I really like Lauren Conrad, but I had no idea she was an author now!

I also got the chance to skim through some magazines and found a few cool articles…
Very trendy for spring! Found in Cosmo. 
I found the following articles in the April issue of Glamour: 
I had no idea… 
This is just hilarious. 

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Photo Love: Balloons

This picture stood out to me because of the balloons. I love that the colors of the balloons are the only colors you can see because of the sunlight shining through them. I think it would be neat to take a picture like this. 

I recently stumbled upon a new blog that I love called A Beautiful Mess. There is a lot of photography on the blog, and I have always been interested in photography, so I am becoming obsessed with it again. I just have never had proper equipment to be a photographer. I don’t have a camera. Hopefully someday I will be able to afford a good one so I can start bombarding my blog with cool photos!